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Zen Bins is committed to creating the very best in Custom Board Game Storage Solutions and to bring a state of Zen to your gaming experience.  We focus on highly functional designs that are strong, durable, and reduce setup time.  Our product line includes:

Zen Bins 2-in-1 Token Trays

Zen Bins Destiny Custom Storage Kickstarter fully funded on March 5, 2017! Missed it??  Now Available!  Where to Buy

Zen Bins Destiny Custom Storage

Click the image above to check out all the details of our Custom Destiny Storage.

Zen Bins Rebellion 4 Trays

Our very first Kickstarter campaign for 13.5 mm Collectible Dice/Card Game Storage earned over 400% of the funding goal and ended up with a grand total of $28,336 and 634 backers.

Now available for retail, Click Here for Where to Buy Zen Bins.

Where to Buy Zen BIns

Zen Bins creates unique stackable interlocking storage containers for your favorite
collectible dice and card games to Bring a State of Zen to your Gaming Experience.

STACKABLE…Interlocking Plastic Bins with each level holding 50 (13.5mm) dice and approximately 80 unsleeved cards (40 sleeved). Keep adding to your game storage capacity by stacking more Bins and with the clear casing, you can quickly see what’s inside.

PORTABLE…Most backpacks can fit 1 Plano box of collectible dice which only holds your dice collection and are cumbersome to remove dice with the vertical edges.   Our system is so compact, you can fit many stacks INCLUDING the playing cards.  Each layer firmly locks together to safely travel with.  Also, removing dice is a breeze.  Over 1,000 dice / 1,600 cards fit in some backpacks.

SO SMALL…Take up a minimal amount of space for that looming extra 5″ of shelf space that you never are able to find a game spot for, without having to turn a game sideways and listen to all of the pieces tumble from within. (5″ x 12″ x 3/4″)

SUPER LOCKING…Durable plastic that firmly “Snaps” together but releases easily from the ends.

READY TO TRADE? Store and quickly access separate Bins for trading cards/dice with your friends.

MADE IN USA.  We can produce and ship products extremely fast directly from St. Louis, MO.

Zen Bins on Kickstarter

22 thoughts on “Custom Game Storage Solutions

  1. I am really tempted to spring for the Rebellion bin set, but I have a question. Do you plan an additional tray or modify the existing set to accommodate the “Rise of the Empire” expansion? I really don’t want to by the current set of bins and then in a few months see it become obsolete.


    1. We do plan to get the expansion hopefully at Gen Con and figure out the best way to incorporate it. It looks like a lot of stuff that may require an insert for the new box but we should know soon after the Con. I would wait a week or two and see. I’ll post on our Facebook/Twitter pages when we determine the best route.

  2. I just found out about your products and think they look wonderful. I plan on buying a Rebellion tray when it is available again. I was wondering, if you had any ideas what games you might do further down the road?

    1. Thanks John, Rebellion should be back in stock at Cool Stuff Inc this week. Focusing on Star Wars Destiny now but we welcome any requests.

      1. I picked it up from CSI last night. I would love to see a War of the Ring 2nd edition organizer. Actually, I would love to see you make organizers for all the games I own, but War of the Ring would be my biggest request.

  3. I have some of the bins for Dice Masters. The fit in my usual backpack is kind of tight and leave,little room for anything else. Do you have a suggested bag or method for carrying the trays around?

  4. These inserts look great and almost fill a need I have for pandemic the cure with expansion. Would it be possible to offer only one 50 dice tray with top cover for that game?

  5. Just received my Rebellion insert, and I am so happy with the product! You made a great insert for that game. It will make set up and tear down SO much easier! Keep up the great work … looking forward to more game inserts from you!

      1. I am dying for inserts like this for Eldritch Horror, Mage Knight and in a couple of months, Gloomhaven.

        Keep up the good work.

        1. Gloomhaven is on our radar. We’ll see if we can come up with something viable for it. Need to get our copy of the game first.

  6. I got some through the kickstarter and they are great! But now I want more! I put an order in at Miniature Market. When do you think orders from there will start to go through?

  7. I purchased a Zenbin through Kickstarter yet I’ve not received it. Can I get a status on shipping; when I might expect to receive it?

    Thank you.

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