Zen Bins Destiny Kickstarter Shipping Now

Zen Bins Destiny is now shipping to US backers during the month of May. We just missed our estimated April delivery but added a brand new All Dice tray that is compatible with all the other components during the Kickstarter campaign.

Zen Bins Destiny All Dice Tray

Destiny All Dice Side Area

Side Area Destiny Dice Removal

Zen Bins Destiny Kickstarter late pledges are available for just a limited amount of time longer and then moving to retail around June 2017.

2 thoughts on “Zen Bins Destiny Kickstarter Shipping Now

  1. Are late pledges made on your website also shipping now? Or will we be included as part of a later wave? Eager to get these as my SoR booster is shipping soon, and I thrive on organization.

    1. We are nearly done with the US Kickstarter orders and going through the longer than anticipated international pledge process. Late pledges will be starting to ship late May/ early June. Working 7 days/week to get them out asap.

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