Zen Bins Rebellion Custom Storage


Zen Bins Rebellion 4 Trays

Compatible with the following games:

• Star Wars: Rebellion™

Zen Bins Rebellion Custom Trays are the flagship Rapid Deployment Storage System that will securely store everything from Star Wars: Rebellion™ and nearly eliminate game setup time. You can play directly from the trays with easy tilt card sections and rounded edges for fast and smooth component removal.


• 4 high quality clear PVC trays (Imperial Leader Tray & Miniature Tray) / (Rebel Leader Tray & Miniature Tray)
• Markings to indicate where pieces are stored
• Box will close flush and can be stored safely horizontal or vertical
• Extra space on top to accommodate expansion items
• Sleeved or unsleeved cards
• No assembly required!


Faction trays stack onto each other and are separated by a single game board which serves as a separator/lid. The next game board goes on top with the rule books and the box lid will securely hold everything in place.

Zen Bins Rebellion Cross Section

  • Top Box
  • Board 2
  • Rebel Miniature Tray
  • Rebel Leader Tray
  • Board 1 
  • Imperial Miniature Tray
  • Imperial Leader Tray
  • Bottom Box

4 Premium Clear Custom Plastic (PVC) Trays

Made in the USA

This is a 3rd party non-licensed product and all trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners.  *Game is sold separately.

Zen Bins Rebellion Top View

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