Zen Bins 2-in-1 Token Trays

Now Available Retail (August 2017)!

During Gen Con 2017, we introduced our new 2-in-1 Token Trays . These small 3x3x1.5″ containers can hold your tokens/resources for your favorite games. They are now available to buy at Miniature Market, Cool Stuff Inc, and coming soon to Chaos Cards in the UK (September 2017).

Zen Bins 2-in-1 Token Trays

Features include:

  • Tokens can be split up and used in the lid and base for each side of table to use.
  • Rounded edges for easy removal
  • Sturdy anti-crush design
  • Stackable (non-locking)

Zen Bins 2-in-1-Token Tray

Miniature Market Zen Bins

Cool Stuff Inc Selling Zen Bins

Chaos Cards Zen Bins UK

Terraforming Mars Token Trays

Terraforming Mars Boxed Up