About Zen Bins

Zen Bins creates Custom Storage Solutions for your favorite collectible dice/card/board games to bring a state of Zen to your gaming experience.

We strive to create solutions for rapid game deployment with features such as:

  • Easy Component Removal
  • Markings to indicate where pieces are stored
  • Stored safely horizontal or vertical
  • Supports sleeved or unsleeved cards
  • No assembly required

Chris and Brian have been friends for many years and have combined a love of design/creation with a passion for all things gaming to bring you cool and affordable solutions to store your favorite games.  Quality and attention to detail is important to both of us with our engineering backgrounds.  Along with nearly 10 years experience in the thermoforming industry and our local access to professional machinery, it allows us to mass produce our products quickly and ship directly from the US (Saint Louis, MO).

Our first Kickstarter ZEN BINS COLLECTIBLE DICE GAME STORAGE (CDGS) has been fully funded on 5/22/15.

Over 400% Funded, Over $28,000 Pledged, 678 Backers

Where to Buy Zen BIns
View the funded Kickstarter campaign

4 thoughts on “About Zen Bins

  1. Are you expanding your product line in 2018? Another kickstarter? I really want to get Zenbins for my games, even if not specifically for a named game and instead more generic trays.

    Prime candidates in urgent need of your touch: Ti4, Gloomhaven, any cool mini game (they suck at storage), Ashes Rise of the Phoenix, Castles, or now, Palace of Mad King Ludwig, Heroes of Normandie or the other offshoots, dungeon crawlers….

    1. Thanks for your interest and suggestions! We are working on several things at the moment and evaluating retail/Kickstarter options. Hope to have something announced in January 2018.

  2. Are you Brian Evans? I just got a USPS shipping notice from stamps.com, and I’m guessing it might be you?

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